A collaborative project by Nik Bentel Studio and Anicorn

The Time Traveler Watch

A time-forward bag with wearable watch, created for the trio of time by Anicorn.


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The Time Traveler Watch is a tribute to the cities that never sleep.

Select your city, snap on the bag, and let your wrist take you there. Navigate the world's bustling metropolises with fashion.

The Bag

The Bag is wearable on its own without the watch, but is truly activated when the watch is placed inside.

Comes with four interchangeable city plates, chromed silver hardware, and a woven crossbody strap.

The Watch

Wearable on its own or with the bag. The watch features a simple typeface and straightforward design. This minimal, thick black and white aesthetic is inspired by global trade and time keeping aesthetics in the post-WWII era.

39mm face diameter, adjustable leather wrist strap.

The Time Traveler Watch design came about from thinking through how global time has been perceived over the years through wall clocks, specifically the classic time zone wall clock.

As global trade and travel exploded after world war II, time zone wall clocks became a staple for any business, airport or business person. The goal of a time zone wall clock was to create a universal understanding of time, so global trade, flights and international business meetings could happen on time even with confusing time zones. Graphically, this was achieved through the clock’s thick black and white aesthetic, a simple typeface and straightforward design.

Behind the Project

Coming soon!