By Nik Bentel Studio

The Bloom Candle

A candelabra inspired by blooming flora. Available for purchase with a natural wood or painted blue base. Limited edition of 100.

Bloom Candle

Inspired by blooming flora in the sun

Behind the Project

Making The Bloom Candle

Meet the new and improved version of The Bloom Candle with two solid wood base options. Originally launched in 2021 with a concrete base, we heard our audience and explored a new material for the base–leaning ever closer to the organic inspiration for this candle.

Below: The original Bloom Candle with concrete base, 2021.

The Bloom Candle explores the relationship between flowers and the sun––when they open up towards the sun, they are in fact, “melting” open. The goal in creating the Bloom Candle was to reimagine the candle as something natural, that uses a natural process of sun/heat to create a visible effect of melting.